I’m really pleased that so many people have found each other on this blog.  It was a lonely journey for me when it began in 2010.  It’s been very educational to hear how other surgeons in the U.S. and other countries handle this type of fracture.

If I’ve seemed scarce lately, it’s because my almost 90 year old dad fell and broke his hip last month.  He had ORIF surgery, and has been in a rehabilitation center for about three weeks.  In the original accident, he fell hard on his right knee (that’s the hip that broke), and he’s had terrible pain with the knee since then.  Unfortunately, the rehab facility does not have a good system in place to protect the patients, and twice, he has tried to get out of bed by himself, and has fallen on that same knee.  Sigh….

The rehab facility does not appreciate nosy family members, but we’re very pro-active with his care.